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Illuminations Boutique is a spiritual resource and directory for classes, webinars, practitioners, events and happenings as well as an online shop for various fun and whimsical spiritual oriented products and services.

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Join a community of spiritually minded entrepreneurs, leaders, practitioners and organizations along with the customers that are attracted to them and their products.

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As a vendor, you will be able to contribute blog posts and increase your reach as soon as you sign up. We value the knowledge you have to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the commonly asked questions about selling with Illuminations Boutique.
How do fees work on Illuminations Boutique?

Joining Illuminations Boutique as a vendor is free. Illuminations Boutique collects 10% of all sales of products and services to help maintain and grow their online community.

You can also join our Vendor Membership at $17 per month. This gains you full access to our membership site (which is chalked full of amazing classes, webinars and meditations) as well as gets you listed on our online directory (which is separate from your customized shop page). You will also be able to post events to our calendar. Click here for more details.

What do I need to do to create a shop?

It’s simple. Click here to create a vendor account. You’ll be lead through a series of questions allowing you to choose your shop name and set a payment method (how you want to be paid).

How soon do I get paid?

You will receive payment (less 10%) as soon as the buyer purchases your product or service and it gets processed by the various financial institutions. Illuminations Boutique does not hold your funds (minus the 10% commission) for any length of time. We believe you have the right to receive your money as soon as the purchase is made.

What can I sell on Illuminations Boutique?

Illuminations Boutique is a spiritually oriented marketplace as well as a spiritual resource and online community. All products and services must be spiritually-oriented and geared toward Illuminations Boutique’s unique customer base. See above for a list of possible products and services that you can offer on our marketplace. Illuminations Boutique will not allow anything it deems offensive, violent or not in line with the spiritual community it’s creating here.

What are the policies for sellers?

Click here to read the House Rules for Sellers. We also put together House Rules for Buyers.

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