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Unlimited access to a variety of spiritual oriented classes, webinars, meditations, forums, events, happenings and a private online community.
Access to a variety of spiritual oriented products and services offered by various vendors.

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Become part of a fabulous spiritual community. Gain instant access to a variety of amazing spiritual oriented classes, webinars, meditations, practitioners, forums, events and happenings.

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Start exploring!

We’ve put together several tracks to help you explore different categories in more depth. Each track walks you through various informative articles and blog postings to help you get started as well as point you towards that category’s products.

These tracks are currently a work in progress.
If you have any ideas for tracks you’d be interested in seeing, please email us at info@illuminationsboutique.com

The Beginner

Beginners start here. We will walk you through the best products and services to get you started on your spiritual journey.


Meditation is a wonderful way to get centered and connect to your higher self. Select this track to get started.

Crystal Journey

For those of you who love crystals and all that they do, this is a great place to start. We’ll introduce you to the wonderful world of crystals.

Mediums and Readers

Sometimes you need a little assistance. This track helps you to explore the wonderful world of mediums and readers.

Oracle Cards

Oracle and tarot cards have been around forever. Take this track to learn more about them and explore how they can help you along your path.


Explore how balancing your chakras can help balance and improve your life.

Let’s get shopping!

Illuminations Boutique is a unique online shop of various fun, whimsical and spiritual-oriented products and services. We’re dedicated to making your shopping experience a unique one.

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