Vendor Help

Setting up Shop
If you need any help setting up your online shop, please check out the detail tutorials HERE. They will walk you through adding a product, adding images, etc. When uploading product images, use square images so your images won’t get cut off weird (even if you need to add white around it).

At the moment I’m working through setting up shipping options. Ideally you would be able to set up shipping individually but this doesn’t seem to be the case. We’re looking into it. Currently there is a “standard” shipping fee of $3.99. Your current options include using this shipping $3.99 fee, including shipping in the price of your item (and selecting no shipping fee) or letting me know your unique shipping fee so I can input into the system for you. Sorry for this inconvenience while we work through this new system.

As a vendor, you can post to our blog at anytime. We truly appreciate you sharing your knowledge and insights with our community. To do so, when you’re signed in to your vendor account, you’ll notice a black bar at the top with “+ New” across the top. Hover on this and click “Post” to get started. Once you’re done creating your post, please add the code <!–more–> after the first sentence or two to help keep our blog page clean. If you need more information on how to post using wordpress, click here.

If you have additional questions and/or problems, please email us at

Thank you for being a vendor!