Freyja’s Fire was born out of a desire to help others grow on their spiritual journey. I provide you with guidance and the tools to help you to utilize this energy and the energy around you for your benefit.

Here you will find not just beautiful items, but tools you can use to for connecting with Mother Nature and the Divine along with aiding in spiritual growth, emotional, mental, and physical balance. I offer crystal and stone jewelry as a healing modality. Crystals provide numerous healing benefits not just for the emotions, but the body and mind as well. I provide prayer beads and malas because they have helped me greatly during meditation and breath-work and continue to do so.

Right now I’m also giving free oracle/tarot readings so if you are seeking guidance in any matter please do not hesitate to contact me. I am an intuitive reader and I will do as many readings for you as needed. You can contact me through convo or through my FB Page here:

Blessed Be ♥

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